Use Generic Propecia and Get Rid of Hair Loss

August 15, 2014

If you are a man and suffering from hair loss, most likely you have tried different methods on how you can stop your hair fall and prevent yourself from growing bald.  There are many different methods and products available in the market and they all promise to be able to stop hair loss from occurring.  The truth is, none of these products except generic Propecia can really stop hair fall from occurring.  We all know that hair fall is a common occurrence and losing about a hundred hairs on a given day is actually quite normal.  However, if you are a guy and you have the genetic trait of male pattern baldness in your genes, then losing quite a number of hair than that of normal is alarming because you know that you are on your way to becoming bald very soon.

As mentioned earlier, there are many products that are aimed or advertised to treating hair loss.  Sadly, most of these products only slow down the process of becoming bald as they do not readily address the issue of baldness. The only treatment known to man that can truly stop hair loss from occurring is generic Propecia.  Generic Propecia comes in pill form which you ingest in order for generic Propecia to work and do its magic in stopping hair loss.  You can say that generic Propecia is unlike other hair loss treatment products because most of them are simply just applied on the scalp area whereas generic Propecia is swallowed.

What makes generic Propecia very effective as a hair loss treatment is that generic Propecia treats the hair loss condition caused by male pattern baldness from inside you, at a hormonal level.  In case you are not aware, it takes three key ingredients for male pattern baldness to strike a person – heredity, age, and hormones.  Hormones are where generic Propecia does its treatment and is very effective and efficient at it.

When you develop male pattern baldness, the reason why you lose hair in the first place is that your hair becomes thin due to the hair follicles becoming thinner.  These hair follicles actually get thinner due to the hormone dihydrotestosterone.  There will come a point wherein the hair follicles become very thinned out that they no longer have the capacity to support or grow hair.  When this happens, you not only lose hair from that side, but you also are no longer able to grow hair at the same time.

Generic Propecia works by limiting the production of dihydrotestosterone.  Since dihydrotestosterone is a byproduct of 5-alpha reductase and testosterone and that generic Propecia is naturally a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, it is able to limit dihydrotestosterone levels within your body and your scalp which is why the thinning of hair follicles is basically halted.  In fact, regular use of generic Propecia will even allow thinned out hair follicles that are still alive to recover and be able to grow normal hair.  This is actually what makes generic Propecia very effective.  These days, thanks to the information age, generic Propecia has become widely sought after.  After all, generic Propecia is not only very effective in treating hair loss, but it also helps you to recover from it.