Things to Know about Finasteride Generic

March 10, 2016

Male pattern baldness is a hair loss condition that is genetically inherited from the parents.  Whether the parents exhibit the condition or not, there is a distinct possibility that the condition may have skipped a generation.  Therefore, if any of the parents or the siblings show any signs of having inherited the trait, there is a good possibility that the younger sibling will also have inherited the trait.  There have been many quests for an effective treatment of this condition.  However, it is only through the discovery of a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor drug, finasteride, that there has been success in effectively treating the hair loss issue.

The drug finasteride is mainly the active ingredient and generic name developed by Merck when they created the drug for use in treating male prostate enlargement.  However, the drug had an unusual side effect and that it somehow effectively treats male pattern baldness.  They released the drug Propecia for treating androgenic alopecia and Proscar for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia using finasteride as their main and active ingredient. Since treating both conditions require continuous use of the drug, using a generic alternative comes as the most cost effective alternative in getting the treatment.  This is where finasteride generic enters the picture. Click to continue…